Daniel Manas. From public administration to the Big Four

Daniel Mañas

With currently more than fourteen years of work experience, Daniel Carlos Mañas González (born August 26, 1985), internationally known as Daniel Manas, began his business life in the Communications Department of the University of A Coruna. The next step was also taken in the public administration sector: this time, in the Communications area of the Galician Parliament. In February 2012, after having been the editor of the Culture section at the third most influential newspaper in Spain, he was hired by the Marketing & Communications Managing Partner of KPMG, accounting giant considered a global Big Four firm where he worked for more than four years (a new ad hoc position was created from scratch especially for him) and received the award for Best Digital Idea from Expansion. Later, he was employed in the Marketing & Business Development unit of Deloitte, the largest professional services network in the world by revenue and headcount. In April 2019, the Commercial Director of Capgemini, a leading IT consultancy, made him an offer he could not refuse and, once the terms of employment had been negotiated, he joined the Sales & Business Development division of the tech multinational. At the height of the coronavirus pandemic (2020), against all odds, his epic return to the Big Four was announced and a headhunter recruited him for EY’s Europe, Middle East, India, and Africa (EMEIA) Financial Services Office (FSO). There, in just three fiscal years, he was successfully given an extraordinary double promotion to Associate Director, as well as nominated for the ‘Innovation Team of the Year’ award as part of the EMEIA FSO Innovation Awards, a brilliant achievement.

After graduating in English from the University of A Coruna, Daniel Manas embarked on a new career in 2007. During this period, he enrolled in the PhD, earned a diploma in Marketing from the University of Vigo, and did several master’s degrees, in addition to a postgraduate course. He spent time perfecting his English too: he lived in the United Kingdom for a while, passed the Proficiency and EFSET/TOEFL/TOEIC exams, taught and had private conversation classes, lectured on his own publications and obtained the Advanced Level Certificate (C2) in the face-to-face mode issued by the Official School of Languages. In 2011, he completed his second bachelor’s degree –Communication– and finished the Thesis with honors, thanks to which he was awarded a scholarship for higher studies. As of 2021, he started combining his job with specific training and majored in Digital Business at ISDI. He likewise got a wide range of exclusive cutting-edge ‘fundamentals’ certifications that actually enable him to make strategic decisions in the corporate sphere: Agile Scrum and Microsoft Azure, among many others. The top of his formative stage took place in 2023, after officially becoming a finisher at ThePower Business School MBA, the online Master of Business Administration that helps you understand business just like the founders of Waze, YouTube, Tesla.